As a professional ensemble the Quartet exists starting from 1985, though it was founded much earlier - in 1975, when the Quartet became the winner of the International B.Bartok Festival in Budapest. Then young musicians, graduates of the Moscow Conservatoire, have captured the sympathy of the audience with their sincerity and high professionalism. In 1985 experienced musicians met again to join the ensemble. The Quartet is joined by the following musicians Ц Nikolay Sachenko (first violin), Zakhar Malakhov (second violin), Sergey Baturin (viola), Kirill Rodin (cello).

The execution of the Quartet, that has inherited the best traditions of the Russian performing school, is significant for deep feelings and refinement, that affords not only to impress the audience, but to become - in a very short period of time- one of the leading quartets in Russia. This creative period was crowned with the victory at the International Bucchi Competition in Rome.

Tchaikovsky Quartet tours a lot in various countries: Hungary, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, South Korea, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Japan, Scotland, and, of course, performs numerous concerts in Russia, and always their execution is a great success, evoking enthusiastic acclaim of the public and press. TV and Radio Companies do not disregard the Quartet. The musicians has recorded several CDs. In short popularity gained by selfless labour.